Truth Telling!

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  • March 29, 2019 at 8:05 pm
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  • Every aspect of the healing from sexual trauma is an epic journey! And, every human being who traverses this path is filled with a crazy amount of courage.

    I want to pause in this article with a reflection on the heroic decision of the truth telling of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Dr. Ford opened valiant new doors in her moment of Truth. The testimony about her experience of sexual assault in a dramatically publicized moment in 2018 riveted the halls of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Much is written about her extraordinary decision and the difficult return to her everyday life. Many also ponder the significant contrast of the assent of Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. His path and struggles are for another thought process.

    This woman of valor took great personal risk to leave the protected security of private life to reveal the secret of her sexual trauma in a public forum. Her testimony ignited a public discussion in the U.S. We know from experience that Dr. Ford navigated many layers of healing the trauma before choosing to honor a heartfelt civic duty, an extraordinary decision for these times. We witnessed her tentative steps forward, not fathoming the sea of change about to take place, in her life and in the lives of women and men across the country.

    Most likely Dr. Ford wrestled with intense feelings similar to many abuse victims. The instability and the havoc created from the array of PTSD symptoms following an attack are mind blowing. They hijack the freedom of spirit and clear perspectives inherent in moving forward in life. It is a scary, solitary place to navigate. All kinds of distortions can hold victims captive in this empty dark space. It is the actual buildup of trust to communicate with others that creates a progression on the healing journey. Dr. Ford forged this pathway for herself. She sorted out with the help of others, a hellish imprint that caused great suffering in her teen years and beyond. Her particular journey changed the trajectory of her life, and the life of others.

    Giving witness to her personal story in the public setting of the US Senate created a different forum of dialogue about the trauma of sexual assault in our present culture. The risk she took gave rise to a new community.
    Many women and men felt emboldened to speak out for the first time about their own experiences of sexual trauma. They trusted the story of Dr. Ford and engaged in ways that supported themselves and others. Hearts holding other hearts, a huge circle gaining unprecedented momentum, talking and sharing and letting out the frozen story of pain. Untangling old beliefs about men and women in relationships, about worthiness and equality and the deeper desire to stand tall and straight. No more hiding and feeling unheard. A more educated community formed. There is no turning back.

    Connections with like-minded souls continue to light up across our country. The giving and the receiving has its own dance. We understand Dr. Ford’s truth when we respond in our own brave circles of trust. We are inspired by the waves of possibility when we actively let go and trust the evolution of a healing journey.

    It is so important to note we are communal in nature, and it is valuable to hold a visionary path for ourselves and others. The leap from isolation in the hiding of the story to an enlightened community is a wildly healing pathway. Holding a greater sense of purpose begins in one heart and sparks an awakening for others. The awakening goes soul deep with a conviction that humanity is called to care for one another. There is a breaking open with desire to assist others. We rise to the best version of ourselves when we embrace the power and dignity of our own story. This is a remarkable giant step… and yet, with this step we have the ability to hold another’s story. The communal healing process thus unfolds.

    Dr. Ford spoke with courage, attempting to bridge the gap between her heart and the Great Divide of outdated belief systems… belief patterns causing great suffering for women and men living on the planet today. We have many avenues yet to heal, and this was an incredible leap. We all are grateful for Dr. Ford’s contribution. And we walk on now with our own hearts awakened to the Power of Truth Telling!


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