Restoring Partnership with Your Body

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  • March 29, 2019 at 8:01 pm
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  • by Kate Lampe

    Out of great love and concern, family and friends wish that achieving partnership with the body after sexual assault could be easier than it actually is.

    Additionally, social chatter delivers directives like, “don’t be dramatic” or “don’t make it a big deal”. These directives ask us to separate from our sensations and our emotions to keep the peace.

    Minimizing the work involved in recovery deepens the schism between your body and who you think you are.

    A sort of robotic groupthink redirects our reliance on a natural body intelligence outward, toward social placeholders of morality. Thus a strong inner authority defaults to icons in the music and film industry, to priests and ministers of the world religions, and to therapists and doctors in the medical fields.

    Connecting to these outer authorities creates a sensation of “leaving your body”.
    When we disconnect from our body, we disconnect from our feelings, thoughts, emotions, five senses and everything having to do with who we are.

    Today as I write, I place my hand upon my body and I feel my friend. It wasn’t always that way.

    As a young girl I was sexually assaulted by three men: my father, my grandfather and my uncle. Later in life, I developed symptoms that included a pervading sense that something was wrong with my body. I found it impossibly difficult to look into the mirror while clothes shopping. I did not know the joy of sexual union and did not feel the freedom to say no to beloved companions. I did not feel worthy of a career that expressed my deepest passions. The concerns of my heart were, in many cases, unknown to me.

    Sexual assault exposes the body to an extraordinarily dangerous condition. It creates a tragic loss of soul.

    Restoring a vibrant healthy partnership with our body means that we value and trust our sensations, our emotions, and our desires. Through these channels, over time, the treasured sense of ‘who am I’ returns.


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