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  • We appreciate your kind attention and your commitment to your patients and clients.

    Clear Path Wellness of the Lehigh Valley was founded by three professional women, joined together with a vision of healing for traumatic experience. Our organization, Clear Path Wellness of the Lehigh Valley, was born out of the necessity to salvage lives; first our own and then the heartfelt desire to share a path with others. We are blessed with a restored life and decades of professional training. It is with humility and gratitude we offer our solutions.

    Kate Lampe, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mary L. Benner, MA & EEM-CP and Liz Jordon, Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher are sisters raised in the same family by the same parents. Sharing the experience of sexual trauma, we now share the experience of a healed presence.

    As professionals, we have pondered the complexities of treating individuals with sexually traumatic experience (STE). People with STE’s are frequently afraid to share this history in professional settings and their experience prevents ease of treatment. The experience is embedded in their autonomic nervous system as perpetual anxiety, depression or low self esteem. When your patients conceal their trauma you still see the effects in physical symptoms or exaggerated emotional reactions to treatment or physical examinations.

    Our programs, like the Day of Healing are designed to subtly and gently address the issues of sexual trauma with a compassionate and evidenced based approach. Our intention is to complement your patients’ treatment.

    Please consider a referral to Clear Path Wellness of the Lehigh Valley by visiting our Contact page.

    Thank you again for your sensitivity to this issue. We look forward to working together.

    “For greater than 20 years I have been using the healing services of Kate Lampe to assist my sexually abused patients find their way into the light from the dark places in their souls where they have stuffed their pain for often decades and decades. Asking the question: “have you ever been sexually or physically abused” to each of over 12,000 patients has surfaced the overwhelming numbers of women who answer ‘yes.’ It is estimated that on this planet of 8 billion souls, 2 of every three, men and women, have experienced some form of abuse. As a gynecologist I see women with chronic pelvic pain, unhealthy relatinships, vaginismus, often as a result from abuse never addressed. Now Kate and her sisters, Liz and Mary, have come together as a formidable force to help break the silence and assist these women to heal. I cannot recommend a more comforting and professional place to refer my patients for the ultimate freedom from their silent suffering.” – Dr. Helene Leonetti, MD, OB-GYN


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