MaryLou Vogt Scholarship

MaryLou Vogt Scholarship

The MaryLou Vogt Scholarship is sponsored by the Emmaus chapter of Soroptimist International. This scholarship will cover the cost of participation in intensive healing workshops facilitated by Clear Path Wellness of the Lehigh Valley for those who have been affected by sexual trauma. Applications for participation are available through Soroptomist of Emmaus and Clear Path Wellness.

The MaryLou Vogt scholarship was founded in honor of the beloved Lehigh Valley musician and lover of the arts by her daughters: Liz Jordon, Kate Lampe, Mary Benner, Jeannie Vogt and Chrissy Da Re. Jordon, Lampe and Benner are also the owners and practitioners of Clear Path Wellness of the Lehigh Valley, and have dedicated their lives to the healing of sexual trauma.

The sisters dedicate time and support to Soroptomist of Emmaus, as well, furthering the mission of helping empower women of all means and circumstances through education, resources and connections. Their mission is driven by their experience that educated women are able to raise stronger, healthier families, leave abusive relationships, are able to more effectively access healthcare and are less likely to live in poverty or be trafficked.

For more information, please contact Liz Jordon, R-CYT at 484-553-2985 or

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