Days of Healing Program

  • The event will be held at:
    Christ Lutheran Church
    1245 Hamilton St.
    Allentown, PA 18102

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    A Circle of Safety and Support:

    “I felt understood and okay”

    “After many years of feeling fear, detachment and uncertainty of who I really was, I engaged in a touching, heart-felt video of three loving sisters, Liz, Kate and Mary. They were sharing their wisdom and personal experiences of their own healing from sexual abuse.

    I soon found myself seated in a circle comforted by caring women who I could open and trust my heart with to share my story of sexual abuse. As the day progressed, my soul was nourished with an abundance of love. I felt understood and okay. These women experienced what I did and I realized I was no longer alone. Inside the safety of the circle, my heart opened, I broke down barriers and the capacity to heal grew stronger.

    Today I am comfortable with my femininity and feel proud to be the woman that I am. Practicing yoga and meditation is now part of my daily routine and I feel alive! My transformation is spiritually and physically noticeable. I am continuing to grow with every breath I breathe.

    I am filled with gratitude for these powerful, caring women and the tools they share. Their passion and commitment for healing is palpable. I highly recommend this program to any woman who is looking for a safe place to heal.” – MaryAnn T. (Bethlehem, PA)



    Schedule of Events and Sessions

    • November 13, 2016
      • 9:00 am - 6:00 pmFull Day Healing WorkshopDuring the Day 1 event, the six attendees and three facilitators work together, sharing experiences and integrating holistic practices with self-help techniques to help each attendee begin to heal, or to continue on the healing path they have begun. This day is the foundation for the three individual follow-up sessions and final wrap-up group meeting.
    • November 21, 2016
      • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pmTrauma Sensitive YogaLiz Jordon, R-CYT, has spent years on the yogic path. Practicing for over 20 years, yoga aided in Liz's personal healing journey. With that experience and specialized certification in trauma-sensitive yoga and iRest®, Liz teaches the group to connect with the body through breath and movement. Trauma Sensitive Yoga meets and greets people where they are. It is an invitation to notice and move from choice.
    • November 28, 2016
      • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pmHeart Rhythm MeditationKate Lampe, LPC, with over 20 years in private practice, will lead the guided Heart Rhythm Meditation session. Kate will use this elegant practice to help each attendee work through some of the emotional and psychological responses to trauma. The session will help each attendee process the feelings that have presented themselves during the Day of Healing program, and lay a foundation for a healthy and happy path forward. The 90 minute heart rhythm meditation session teaches deep breathing techniques that have physical, emotional and psychology benefits - and can provide a means for creating a deeper and more positive connection with your body.
    • December 5, 2016
      • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pmEden Energy MedicineMary L Benner, MA, EEM-CP will work with the group in a guided session. The goal of the guided session is to help uncover and remedy the imbalances and disruptions in your body’s energy, which become trapped in response to a traumatic event. You begin to regain a sense of balance and renewal, and you work with Mary to determine a routine that best fits your needs.
    • December 12, 2016
      • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pmGoing Forward Final Group MeetingThe two and one half hour meeting provides time and presence for individual check in, observations and questions. Important to the healing journey is a discussion about what moving forward looks like and during day 5, participants can choose to sign up for individual or group sessions, exchange information or simply move on with their renewed sense of self. We at Clear Path Wellness observe new bonds of strength in every circle of trust, nourishing us as we all grow and heal.
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