Energy Medicine Workshop for Trauma Care


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Join Mary L Benner EEM-AP, MA for two evenings of healing through energy medicine. An Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, Mary is offering a two-session course where you will learn how to manage your energy to help you heal and find peace. Both nights will feature different programs to help you reach your fullest potential as you continue to heal and grow on your journey to find peace.


  • Exercises to relieve stress and balance the energy field protecting the body
  • How the accumulated affects of trauma on the subtle energies hurt the
    vibrancy of the physical body
  • Essential energy medicine techniques to heal and calm the body mind spirit
  • Concepts about the subtle energy body and how it influences the health of
    the physical body
  • How the body knows how to heal!

When: TBD

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Energy Medicine Workshop for Trauma Care

To register for Clear Path Wellness's Energy Medicine Workshop for Trauma Care , please fill out the form below. After Mary receives your email, she will contact you to set up payment. If you have any questions, you can contact Mary at or 732-674-2807.

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