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    Healing Sexual Trauma

    Three professional women, joined together, with a vision of healing, for traumatic sexual experience. Clear Path Wellness was born out of the necessity to salvage lives; first our own and then the heartfelt desire to share a path with others. We are blessed with a restored life and decades of professional training. It is with humility and gratitude we offer our solutions to you and those you love.

    The Days of Healing Retreat is an intensive healing workshop for those affected by sexual trauma. No matter where you may be on your healing path, the Days of Healing offer physical, emotional and spiritual support. From self-help techniques and meditation to counseling and group therapy, the program empowers you to take control of your path and find a deep, loving connection with your body and your spirit. It combines three wellness practices:

    Sharing Circles, Psychodramas and

    Heart Rhythm Meditation

    In the Sharing Circle, we focus on heart-centered genuine revelation. Survivors often experience shame and secrecy in the family and community. But we thrive in environments of acceptance and love. Inner freedom results with the simple act of sharing in heartfelt circles. Knowing we have all been deeply injured, the circle is a place of complete trust and respect for each person involved. Our circle respects the process of revelation and we respect gentle growth guided by inner readiness. We help each other move toward vibrant recovery that encompasses all.

    Psychodrama focuses our energies on the force of the unconscious memories that are demanding attention for healthy resolution. Perhaps, in your mind, you have already played out scenes that you wish “could have” happened during or after your sexual assault. As part of the Days of Healing, you will have the opportunity to relive these desired scenes with plenty of support from us and the group. Time is slowed down and used thoughtfully and with great intention during our re-enactment. We use our in-depth knowledge and experience of how the nervous system heals from trauma to move each step of the way.

    Heart Rhythm Meditation is a tool that each individual can master and use for a complete and vibrant recovery. In this practice, the heartbeat and respiration are used to reset the biology of trauma, which is imprinted in the nervous system. The heart holds wisdom, and that can be used to integrate huge emotion. The practice takes the nervous system out of its state of shock – a result of energetic overwhelm. It helps take us out of patterns of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, difficulty in relationships, a feeling of now knowing enough about everything or the feeling of having no clear life direction. Heart Rhythm Meditation opens the door to a direct experience of your own inner wisdom and safely guides you into full expression of self.

    Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

    A common experience for individuals who have endured sexual trauma is an inability to occupy their bodies consistently or meaningfully. Irrespective of whether the assault was a single event or repeated events over time, the out of body symptom, hyper vigilance and lingering stress often prevails. Also inherent to the trauma victim are triggers that can invoke latent body and visceral memory. Trauma sensitive yoga provides non-threatening language and a hands-off style of teaching in the interest of creating a safe and predictable environment. Individuals participate as a completely voluntary activity. Every breath and movement is an invitation with a choice.

    Eden Energy Medicine & Reiki Energy Healing

    Eden Energy Medicine’s goal is to stimulate the flow of our energy systems into a healthy and supportive balance. When trauma touches our lives it often crashes the energetic harmony of the body. The ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is initiated with the Triple Warmer meridian function. The job of this meridian interaction is to keep us alive! On alert, it skillfully works overtime for our wellbeing and survival. However, after a significant injury, such as sexual trauma, the energy response to the shock can become stuck in the body. EEM offers tools to give individuals empowered ways to redirect the energies. It helps the system to relax and feel safe again. The interventions bring the energies back into a cohesive harmony. Healthy energies create healthy bodies.

    Reiki is a healing energy technique that balances a person’s energy field. It activates energy and increases vitality, reduces stress levels in the body and enhances a state of relaxation. It stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal.

    One of the key principles in Energy Medicine is that Energies can be re-patterned!


    Kate Lampe, LPC

    Currently in private practice with over 28 years experience, Kate’s fluent in healing interventions for traumatic experience and has worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and for crisis intervention.
    More: Kate Lampe, LPC

    Liz Jordon, R-CYT

    Liz is a certified  and registered yoga teacher, and  has earned a 40-hour Trauma-Sensitive Yoga certification. She currently owns and operates a private yoga studio.
    More: Liz Jordon, C-RYT

    Mary L. Benner, MA EEM-AP

    Mary is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and holds a Masters Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry.
    More: Mary Benner, EEM-CP

    Working Together to Heal

    The Days of Healing integrate support, practical application and over 100 years of shared experience and training in the form of three professionals/sisters to assist those on their healing path.
    More about Days of Healing


    “I didn’t think my sexual abuse counted…”

    A Testimonial to the Power of Self-Acceptance

    “Sexual abuse is so intimate. When we let someone in, we literally let them into us. So, when someone forces them self on someone else in a sexual way, it crosses a boundary that is so intimate. Until you heal, you have to shut down. That’s what I learned, I had to shut down from myself until I healed.

    After the Days of Healing, I noticed that I was touching people more. I didn’t have my physical boundaries; I didn’t even know I had physical boundaries! I also wasn’t profoundly anxious anymore, which had become the norm for me. It was obvious to me that something had changed.

    I almost didn’t do the Day. I was resisting doing it; I was afraid. I’m so glad I did it.” – Christine W.